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 INCLUDES Hardware, Software, Professional Installation & Training, many Patterns,
and free future software upgrades!

Full Version: $15,000
     Edge to Edge Version:  $12,500

MY setup with wall mounted screen,
wireless keyboard & mouse.
Click to enlarge picture of Setup Screen!

The CompuQuilter Computerized system allows you to easily switch
between hand-guided and computer-guided modes in just a few seconds!

You can download the manual now!! Click here!
Learn what this fabulous system can do for you!
Eliminate back aches, accomplish quilting designs you never thought possible,
and WOW your customers!
This system will pay for itself quickly.
Many users have shown that it increased their business & profitability significantly!

What will it do?

With CompuQuilter you will be able to quilt thousands of detailed patterns quickly & precisely.
Each pattern can be modified and customized on the computer to match your quilt project. 

CompuQuilter is a state-of-the-art computerized control system for longarm quilting machines.  It provides the quilter a tool to repeatedly and consistently use intricate patterns without the need for years of practice required for hand-guided quilting.  The computer program is designed to be intuitive to what the quilter will need, make it easy to use, and allows one to place artwork precisely at intended. 

Having CompuQuilter is like having an extra pair of hands.  It will deep sewing while the operator is free to perform other tasks such as piece the next project or provide customer service.  When the system reaches the end of a row, it will await your return for further instructions.  If you cannot finish a quilt you started, it can be completed by someone else without the telltale "signature" of a hand-guided machine.  This helps you meet deadlines for your customers without sacrificing quality.  Improved turnaround time will attract new customers or get that emergency wedding gift finished on time.  The superior quality CompuQuilter provides will bring your customers back time and time again. 

CompuQuilter is backed by an industry leading manual, outstanding technical support.  CompuQuilter is dedicated to offering you the best possible product at the most affordable price, with customer service that is second to none!

To retrofit your machine with CompuQuilter, there is no need to disassemble your machine and send it to the factory.  The system will be shipped to you and an installer will come to your studio to put the system together and train you  how to use it.  If you want to use your machine for hand-guided work, simply unscrew a couple of thumbscrews and you are ready to go. 

Although CompuQuilter can run in stitch-regulated mode, it does not need stitch regulation for accurate stitches.  CompuQuilter does not interfere with your stitch regulator so you can still use it as you always have before.  There is no need to remove electronics you have already paid for and replace them with new electronics for CompuQuilter.  This can make a big difference in the price of upgrading to a computerized system.

CompuQuilter comes with the following:

A computer with the following minimum specifications:

  • Pentium Class CPU

  • 512 megabyte memory

  • 80 gigabyte Hard Drive

  • Widows XP operating system

  • 1024 x 768 SVGA

  • 17 inch flat screen monitor, mouse, & keyboard

  • Dual parallel port card (to run the motors)

Software to Draw, Design and Digitizing Patterns.

DXF to CompuQuilter patterns conversion program.

Custom Front Operator panel

Motors, drives, power supply, switches and hardware for your machine.

CompuQuilter has two versions:

Full Version: $15,000
Edge to Edge Version:  $12,500

Feature Edge2Edge Standard
Motif Patterns  
Array Patterns  
Repeatable Patterns
Corner Patterns  
Scale Patterns
Stretch X Independently
Stretch Y Independently
Rotate Pattern 360 degrees
Rotate Edge to Edge
Flip Patterns left and right
Flip Patterns top and bottom
Intuitive Calculations
Stagger Rows
Calculates Number of Rows
Calculates Number of Patterns in a Row
Locking Stitch and the Start and End  of Patterns
Restart Feature
Sew Pattern segments using Restart
From Start GO! -
From End GO!
Save Pattern Settings - for use later
Auto save - Incase the power goes out
Customizable Defaults
Grid Lines on Views - making it easier to visualize
Cropping Top off, Bottom off, and Sides
Adjustable Last Row Edit box - allows adjusting the pattern to fit perfectly
Print Pattern Views - Prints the view screen to show your customer or to create a pattern catalog
Default View - Shows exactly what the original pattern looks like before settings are applied
Default Row View - Shows how the row looks after pattern settings are applied
Cropped Top View - Shows what the first row looks like after it's cropped
Cropped Bottom View - Shows what the last row looks like after it's cropped
Cropped Sides View - Shows what each row looks like with the sides cropped
Overall View - Shows what the entire quilt looks like with pattern settings applied.
Adjustable Fixed Index - Sets the space between rows for a given pattern
Row Counter - Keeps track of which row currently active
Edit Boundaries - Create a boundary, Add or delete points  
Orientate Boundaries - Rotate, and flip boundary  
Edit Outlines - Create an Outline, Add or Delete Points  
Recover Zero - When it's hard to pinpoint the center of a pattern.
DXF to CQ Standalone Software  
Software to Draw, Design, and Digitize patterns  

If you have questions about adding a computerized system to your own machine...please contact me ~


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