The APQS Millennium has it all!
By far the most technologically advanced Longarm Quilting Machine available today!

The APQS Millennium enables the imperfect operator to have
perfect stitches
every time..
Just tell the machine how many stitches you want per inch!
THIS is the stitch length regulator that really works the way you'd expect it to!

Warranty: 8 year/96-months parts/labor

Millennium Machine Head (redesigned 2009 model shown)

What more could you want in a Quilting Machine?! 


  • Constructed of lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Alloy means the ultimate in maneuverability with a minimum amount of effort. 

  • Automatic Stitch Length Regulator that really works! 8-15 stitches per inch
    ~ Easily switch between automatic & manual mode.
  • Variable needle speed (200-2400 SPM) 
  • All controls at your fingertips.
  • Fully adjustable Ergonomic Handles on the front, and fat padded handles on the back 
    help avoid carpel-tunnel syndrome.
  • 2-way Automatic Channel Lock
  • Lower Thread Cutter
  • Turbo-Winder included (stand-alone bobbin winder) 
  • Top/Side-mount laser for accurate pattern tracing.
  • Built in  1/4  hp DC motor  for powerful but quieter operation.
  • Throat size 26" x 10 1/2"
  • Hopping presser foot
  • Rotary lockstitch hook
  • Bobbin style "L" (high speed standard)
  • International voltage converter available
  • NEW LED lighting (black & white)
  • Double thread capacity


  • 14' or 12' x 46" Aluminum Alloy Table.  Height adjustable.
  • Clear Lexan Table Top means you can use it as a long light table for tracing patterns.
  • Automatic Leveling Bar automatically keeps the quilt at precisely the right level.


  • APQS TURBO Bobbin Winder
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Bobbins & Pre-wound Bobbins
  • Patterns


  •  $17,400 U.S.
  • Very reasonable shipping fees & NO crating charges

Options available for APQS Millennium

  • NEW Quilt Glide - to give optimum smooth performance at very slow speeds, when extreme accuracy is required
  • Power Fabric Advance
    ~ with moveable foot pedal for time-saving convenience.
  • Hydraulic Table Lift System
  • Overhead Wiring
$  595
  • Rolling Castor Wheels
$  250
  • **Hartley Fence for Circles & Diagonals
$  595
  • Ultraviolet Light Marking System
$    49

**Hartley Fence Options

The Hartley Fence enables the operator to make perfect circles and straight lines of any angle.  The Cookie Cutter Stencils make it possible to form various selected shapes. This option is not wired into the machine, nor is it permanently attached. It can be ordered at the time of machine purchase or any time afterwards.

  • Hartley Fence Adapter
$ 99
  • Cookie Cutter Stencils  (8 sets)
$ 49/set

Every Millennium quilting system comes complete with machine head, table, frames, APQS Turbo-Winder, patterns, thread, bobbins, simple to follow assembly and basic training CD and CD manual.
Assembly is simple and should only take a few hours.
If help is needed, Darlene at Trillium House (even on most weekends),
or APQS technicians are standing by on the phone (except on weekends).

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